Thursday , 15 February 2018

HOW TO: Make Toilet Paper Roll Easter Bunnies

You’ll need:

  •  toilet paper rolls
  •  ½” toilet paper roll strips (2 for each bunny)
  •  acrylic paint
  •  paint brushes
  •  glue
  •  googly eyes (optional)
  •  black marker
  •  cotton balls

Step 1:Paint toilet paper rolls and strips. Apply 2-3 coats. Let dry

Step 2:Secure the ears together with Craft Glue Dots©. Attach ears to the toilet paper rolls using Mini Glue Dots©.

Step 3:Adhere googly eyes to each bunny using Craft Glue Dots©. I used a pencil mark in the center as a guide.

Step 4:Use a black marker to draw the faces and a white pen to color in the teeth.

Step 5:Attach cotton balls to the back side of each bunny using XL Glue Dots©.


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