Thursday , 15 February 2018

Bunny Bag

You will need:

  •  scissors
  •  3 paper plates
  •  stapler
  •  cotton wool
  •  ribbon or string
  •  glue, cotton balls and colored pencils to decorate the face

Step 1:Use a plate as a template to draw a crescent moon shape into approximately ⅓ of the other plate.

Step 2:Hold 2 plates together and cut out the crescent shapes to make the bunny ears.

Step 3:Staple the ears to the top of the complete plate. Make sure the back of the round plate is facing outwards.

Step 4:Use one of the off cuts from the ears and staple it, facing inwards, to the back of the bunny face.

Step 5:Add features to the rabbit. Pictured left is pink paper for the ears, a pink pom pom for the nose, cotton balls under the nose, pink chalk rubbing for the cheeks and black marker for the eyes and teeth. Add a ribbon to the sides and you’re Easter bunny treat bag is done : )

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