Tuesday , 21 May 2019

10 Famous Tourist Attractions In Singapore

Singapore is an island country off the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula, 137 kilometers (85 miles) north of the equator in Southeast Asia.Singapore could be an alternative for your vacation due to many fun tourist attractions in this countr.There are so many Singapore tourist attractions that you can visit, because Singapore port is one of the five busiest ports in the world.For years considered a business center in Southeast Asia, Singapore has a thriving shopping area located in the district of Orchard Road. Filled with several shopping centers, this area also has many hotels, and is considered by many as the tourism center of Singapore.

Here are 10 most popular tourist attractions in Singapore you must visit:


1. Singapore Flyer
Singapore Flyer
2. Double Helix Bridge or The Helix Bridge
Double Helix Bridge or The Helix Bridge
3. Marina Bay
Marina Bay
4. Parkview Square
Parkview Square
5. Orchard Road
Orchard Road
6. Bugis Street
Bugis Street
7. The Istana of Singapore
the Istana of Singapore
8. Boat Quay
Boat Quay
9. Sentosa Island
Sentosa Island
10. Fountain of Wealth
Fountain of Wealth

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