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DIY Mini Caramel Apples

DIY Mini Caramel Apples-

Print DIY Mini Caramel Apples IngredientsExtra-large apples Caramels + 2 Tbsp milk Lollipop sticks A metal Tbsp coffee scoop Wax paper & plates or a cookie sheet Schema/Recipe SEO Data Markup by ZipList Recipe Plugin2.2 Submitted by:Aileen Read More »

DIY Mini Funnel Cakes

DIY Mini Funnel Cakes-

Print DIY Mini Funnel Cakes Ingredients Vegetable oil, for frying 2 cups Original Bisquick mix 1 cup milk 2 eggs Powdered sugar, for topping InstructionsPour oil about one inch deep into a large saucepan or stockpot. Heat over medium heat until a candy thermometer reads 350 to 360 degrees F. Meanwhile, combine Bisquick, milk and eggs in a large bowl; ... Read More »

DIY Fruit Balloon

DIY Fruit Balloon-

You will need: balloons (make sure to get some long ones for bananas) green paper for leaves twine scissors tape Step 1: Blow up your balloons. To really make them look like fruits, size them proportionally so that a blueberry is smaller than an orange, etc. To make the grapes I taped the small purple balloons in clusters. Step 2: ... Read More »

DIY Crayon Heart Valentines

DIY Crayon Heart Valentines-

You’ll need: a heart-shaped baking mold Crayola crayons a baking sheet and an oven Step 1:Mix 3 similar colors together to create a cool effect, you can also mix more colors or make a solid color for each heart Step 2:Brake the crayons in three parts and fit them in the tray. Step 3:Carefully place your baking mold in the ... Read More »

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