Monday , 18 December 2017

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Summer Plant Stakes

Summer Plant Stakes-

You’ll need: Mini Glue Dots Wooden skewers Die cuts, printed images, or hand drawn images on cardstock Cardstock Markers Instructions Cut the sharp, pointed ends off of the skewers if kids are helping with the project. Adhere cut outs to wooden skewers with Mini Glue Dots. Use Mini Glue Dots to adhere the banner from one stake to the other. ... Read More »

DIY Crayon Heart Valentines

DIY Crayon Heart Valentines-

You’ll need: a heart-shaped baking mold Crayola crayons a baking sheet and an oven Step 1:Mix 3 similar colors together to create a cool effect, you can also mix more colors or make a solid color for each heart Step 2:Brake the crayons in three parts and fit them in the tray. Step 3:Carefully place your baking mold in the ... Read More »

Love You To Pieces Picture Gift

Love You To Pieces Picture Gift-

Glue Dots ©:  1″ lines, Removable 4×6 inch photograph 9 tongue depressors card stock cutting mat craft knife metal ruler Paper and embellishments for a decorative tag   Using Removable Glue Dots, line 9 tongue depressors together on a piece of scratch paper. Place 1″ Glue Lines along the edges and down the middle of the photograph. Adhere the photo ... Read More »

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