24 Delicious Leftover Ham Recipes For Your Holiday Ham


The holiday ham is such a big part of celebrations! The entire meal is created around this delicious ham! When you make a holiday ham, there are bound to be leftovers. Do you have tons of ham leftovers from Easter, Thanksgiving or Christmas? You don’t have to resort to eating ham sandwiches for the next few days. You can easily turn that leftover ham into delicious dishes that your whole family will love. Even if your family claims to hate leftovers, they are sure to love these Leftover Ham dishes.

Leftover ham made into wonderful dishes is such a great idea to kick your leftovers up a notch! Whether you want to make a ham and cheese omelet for breakfast or use the ham bone to flavor a pot of warm and comforting soup, you’ve got options. Just throw everything together in the morning and come home to a smoky, hearty ham soup. Try one of the creamy, decadent ham soups. Casseroles are also the perfect comfort food after a stressful holiday and during the last few cool days before the warmth of spring.

You will find a definitely new favorite for your family gathering with these 24 scrumptious holiday leftover ham recipes! From twists on old favorites to clever new ways to bring new life to those inevitable leftovers, these brilliant ideas will have the whole family asking for second helpings.






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