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Zucchini Crust Pizza

Zucchini Crust Pizza

Zucchini Crust Pizza


  • For the crust:
  • 1 large egg or 2 small ones
  • About 3 small-medium zucchinis (mine were about 8″)
  • 1.5 cups grated parmesan or mozzarella. I liked parmesan best for this one.
  • salt
  • For the toppings:
  • Use anything you like on a pizza. General formula:
  • Mild tomato sauce OR pesto
  • Grated firm mozzarella cheese OR sliced fresh mozzarella cheese
  • Ricotta cheese or goat cheese, for small dollops on top (optional
  • Assorted vegetables. Pre-sauté for extra flavor, especially if you’re using onion, garlic and mushrooms. A little italian parsley or basil is nice too; the basil can be added fresh after the pizza is cooked, and the parsley is nice in the sauté. Finely chopped greens are nice. Fresh tomatoes can be added after the pizza is cooked too.
  • Meat if you like/eat meat on pizza: Crumbled sausage would work well. Pre-sauté. Ground lamb or chicken would be tasty, cooked with lots of garlic.
  • Olive oil, black pepper

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  1. How long do u bake? What temp? Is the zucchini raw or cooked first? Did I miss something, or where are the directions?

    • I know! I want to make this, but there are missing directions!

    • My guess would be to shred the zucchini and then squeeze the liquid out… One thing to do is shred, salt it and put it in a colander with paper towels and something heavy on top to let the liquid drain first. Much like you do to eggplant before frying it. After about 1 hour check to see if it is dry (if you let it drain into a pot you can see the water that comes out. Then I would mix with the rest of ingredients and bake at 400 degrees for approx. 30 minutes. I’m gonna try this tomorrow.

  2. 350 degrees for 20 minutes l hope ! :0) I’m going to try that.Lady’s

  3. Satah Thompson

    Raw zuchinni, soak before using, 350, until brown

  4. I made this and there was a HUGE amount of liquid. The time to cook took a lot longer than mentioned in the comments. and I thing that I should not have let the shred/chop zucchini, sit, to soak up (egg?) as someone suggested…it may have made the liquid worse. I used one large egg and about two cups zucchini. WHAT HAPPENED. If this had been on a pizza stone the liquid would have ran off like a river. As it was I soaked up the liquid with a paper towel like three times and it eventually solidified. UGH. I added dried herbs (basil, thyme, oregano) to the crust for more flavor. I cooked the crust at 350, but it was taking forever, so I turned it up to 390. It took 28-30 minutes to brown it all over. Then I topped it with homemade sauce and fresh mozzarella. I added the tomatoes after 5-6 minutes and then added fresh basil upon removing. This crust was so soft…I could not pick up a piece…i had to use a spatula. It tastes good…especially with the herbs, but I dod not know why the direction were incomplete and no one mentioned the liquid…or what to do about it?!?!?! Also, wondering if anyone else had the same experience with texture.

    • I’ve worked with zucchini before. After you shred the zucchini, you sprinkle it with salt and let it sit for a couple of hours. Then you strain it and squeeze out all the water by wrapping it in cheesecloth and squeezing. After the water is all squeezed out then you mix it with the eggs and cheese. I would bake it at 400 degrees for about 20 minutes. Then I’d top it with other ingredients but not the sauce because it adds too much liquid.

  5. I made a similar recipe with cauliflower once, and you had to precook the shredded cauliflower in a microwave, then let it cool in a clean cloth and squeeze the liquid out. Cups and cups of water come out, and it shrinks to a tiny amount of material. You then combine it with the cheese and eggs. I bet it’s the same concept with zucchini pizza crust.

  6. tami-when i’ve made zucchini casseroles in the past, i had to sprinkle the zucchini with salt and let it sit on the counter for a few hours so the liquid would draw out of the zucchini. it’s then dry enough to use in this recipe, i believe.

  7. It looks as though the crust is baked before adding the toppings then baked again.

  8. I love to buy vintage cookbooks. One of my cookbooks I call the hippy cookbook published in 1977 has a similar recipe.

    3 and a half cups zucchini coarsely grated.

    3 eggs beaten

    One third cup flour

    Half cup mozzarella cheese

    Half cup Parmesan cheese

    1 Tbs fresh basil

    Salt & pepper

    Salt the zucchini & let stand for 15 min squeeze out all excess moisture. Combine all ingredients and spread on oiled baking pan. Bake 350 20-25 min until surface is dry and firm. Brush the top with olive oil and broil for 5 min.
    Add sauce and toppings. Top with cheese bake at 350 for about 25 min.

    If you are trying to avoid gluten or have celiac disease you probably can substitute flour with gluten free flour.

  9. I”m excited to make this! The pizza crust with cauliflour was delicious, but the smell was so bad you wouldn’t want to make it for friends!!! This will be MUCH better!

  10. Just made this! I followed Katie’s recipe and it turned out great!! After I let the zucchini set for 15 I used a thin dish towel and squeezed all the moisture out. I then baked it for 30 min

  11. Luz Dary Pérez Cortés

    UUUhhhh que delicia. Nutritivo y muy fácil. Gracias deseo seguir recibiendo y compartiendo mas de este tipo de recetas

  12. I had no problems. I did use fresh grated parmesan though. May make the difference between more liquid and not. I did not presoak or salt the zucchini either. I baked crust first for 30 min at 350. Then put precooked toppings on and baked til cheese melted.

  13. Zucchini has a tonne of water in it so you need to sweat it. You can do this by letting the noodles sit in salt or my favourite method which I find 10xs more effective and I have never been left with a puddle of green water after my meal.

    Using a spiralizer or a julienne peeler, pass the peeler down one side of the zucchini (including the skin) until you reach the seeds. Don’t peel past the seeds as the “noodles” will not stay together.

    Place noodles on a cookie sheet lined with paper towel and place in the preheated 250 deg oven for 25 min. Under normal conditions, you would not want to place paper towels in your oven as it uses dry heat, which could cause the paper towels to catch fire. Since zucchini contains a large quantity of water, the paper towels will quickly become damp enough to prevent them from drying out and catching fire in the oven. Once done, remove noodle and press the rest of the water out using the paper towel.

    Hope you find this helpful! Happy cooking!

  14. Maybe if you used a juicer to shred the zucchini if that would solve the moisture problem…

  15. Katie your a lifesaver! Thanks hippie cookbook:)

  16. Thank you Katie and Hippie cookbook. My crust is in the oven now. I can’t wait to taste this!

  17. Thanks Katie! I used almond flour instead of regular flour and it came out very nicely! I think next time I’ll double the recipe to fill my entire 9 x 13 baking pan, as I found on the edges where it spread out, it got too thin and burned on those edges, but otherwise worked well.

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  19. Corine that’s brilliant! If only I had a juicer….

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