Wednesday , 26 June 2019

Neiman Marcus Dip

Neiman Marcus Dip

Neiman Marcus Dip


  • 5 - 6 green onions
  • 8 oz. cheddar cheese, shredded
  • 1 1/2 cups mayonnaise
  • 1 jar Hormel Real Bacon Bits
  • 1 pkg. slivered almonds


  1. Chop the green onions.
  2. Shred the cheddar cheese.
  3. Mix the onions, cheese, mayo, bacon bits,
  4. and slivered almonds together.
  5. Chill for a couple hours.
  6. Serve with Ritz crackers or corn chips.


  1. Does anyone know if this can be made a day in advance? Will it be too soggy if I do that?

    • Angela, I’ve never made this recipe, but my mother-in-law makes a similar cheese ball (but without the almond) and will even freeze them and when thawed they are just as good. I’m just not sure how the sliced almond would do. Maybe you could make the dip and add the almonds the day you are going to eat it?

    • It’s best made the night before, but I wait to add the almonds a few hours before serving.

  2. Great recipe. It was a hit at our Christmas party. I did cut back on the mayo and added sour creme. Used chopped pecans instead of almonds. Loved it!

  3. Sounds good, having a dinner for my mom’s birthday, I’m going to try this…

  4. I made this for a get together and everyone absolutely loved it. It was so tasty! I made it the night before.

  5. Made this tonight for a family birthday party. HUGE HIT! Definitely a keeper! Thanks!

  6. Any suggestions on a substitute for the almonds, we have a nut allergy in our house.

  7. Love this recipe. Always a hit. I have made it several times. Try substituting chopped walnuts for the almonds. It’s good.

  8. So this was amazing!!! However, I suspected that it may be overly salty for my liking with mayo, bacon, and cheddar all together. I kept the recipe as is however i threw in one block of softened cream cheese and blended it well with the mayo before adding in the rest. It was still a smidge salty, so next time i think i’ll use half mayo, half sour cream and still add the block of cream cheese. EVERYONE loved it and i got rave reviews 🙂 A keeper for sure!

  9. Looks like a great low carb dip, will try with celery

  10. I made this for a super bowl party and it was awesome. We had a ton of food so I had about half left over. The next day I cut a pocket into four boneless skinless chicken breasts, stuffed them with this dip, closed them with a toothpick then rolled them in a beaten egg and then coated them in crushed ritz crackers (also leftover). I put them in the oven for 30 minutes at 375. They were FABULOUS!!! I should mention that I did half mayo half sour cream and it was delish.

  11. I was looking for 2 different

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