Tuesday , 21 May 2019

Love You To Pieces Picture Gift

Love You To Pieces Picture Gift

  • Glue Dots ©:  1″ lines, Removable
  • 4×6 inch photograph
  • 9 tongue depressors
  • card stock
  • cutting mat
  • craft knife
  • metal ruler
  • Paper and embellishments for a decorative tag


  1. Using Removable Glue Dots, line 9 tongue depressors together on a piece of scratch paper.
  2. Place 1″ Glue Lines along the edges and down the middle of the photograph.
  3. Adhere the photo to the depressors, pressing down firmly to smooth out.
  4. Place your project on a cutting mat.  Use the depressors as a guide and slice apart your picture using a metal ruler and craft knife.
  5. Take Removable Glue Dots off of the back of the sticks.
  6. Create a tag with Craft Glue Dots and use ribbon to tie the tongue depressors together.

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