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  • 1 bag mini pretzels {you won't use the whole bag, only about 1/4}
  • 1 bag M&M's candy, needing only the green ones {fun separating activity for kids!}
  • orange food coloring, I used about 1/8th tsp of Wilton's gel colors
  • 1 bag White Chocolate chips, melted slowly {directions below}
  • 1 TBSP shortening, to thin out chocolate

Submitted by: athriftymom


  1. Very cute idea, just happen to have some pretzels!!!

  2. Wonder if orange icing would work the same

    • Orange icing won’t get hard like colored almond bark, or white chocolate chips. This is candy covered pretzels like you get at the store only better!

  3. I was wondering the same, michelle. Im sure you can. Instead of the whote chocolate flavor it would be icing flavored.

  4. I know from experience, that regular liquid food coloring doesn’t work with melted chocolate. So the gel or the powder are needed. Cute fall snack!

    • My daughter said to add a little bit of shortening to it if using regular food coloring and I am going to try using to small tube of green icing to make little leaves instead of using m&m.

  5. I am going to use almond bark and tint that orange.

  6. I’m gonna definitely do this…I’m gonna use the orange colored melting wafers!!

  7. Icing may work, I don’t know if it would dry (and still taste good) like the chocolate does. Plus idk how icing and pretzels would taste, icing for sure just for decor, but I would use chocolate if I planned on eating them.

  8. Very cute idea. Can’t wait to do these!
    Icing actually wouldn’t work as well since the chocolate hardens on the pretzel! Making it easier to handle and transport 🙂

  9. No icing would not work it doesn’t get hard enough

  10. Use orange chocolate from michaels

  11. Cute and simple idea! Think I might try piping some melted dark chocolate atop the hardened orange to make the jack o’lantern eye and mouth outlines!

  12. I am so glad to see this i am going to make this for my daughter class room her kids will love these..

  13. I used food coloring and it worked.

  14. You come up with the best, easiest recipies – I must remember to ask you the next time I need something cute!

  15. Do you think Wilton Candy Melts would work? I didn’t notice this asked for white chocolate chips, and I already bought two bags of orange candy melts, and 2 bags of the orange pumpkin spice candy melts.

  16. i didn’t have much success it was thick I used yellow m red food coloring to make orange and coconut shorten ing but it became messy

  17. To save a step, you could just use orange-colored chocolate melts

  18. Wiltons Has pumpkin spice melts right now. They are orange too. May have to try them with this.

  19. Using the Wilton pumpkin spice flavor

  20. Right now you should be able to find the Christmas “red and green” M & M’s to use.

  21. this looks easy enough for me to even try, g-daughters class. Melt and dip , easy and fun.

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