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DIY Mini Caramel Apples

DIY Mini Caramel Apples

DIY Mini Caramel Apples


  • Extra-large apples
  • Caramels + 2 Tbsp milk
  • Lollipop sticks
  • A metal Tbsp coffee scoop
  • Wax paper & plates or a cookie sheet

Submitted by:Aileen


  1. Any idea how to keep the caramel ON the apple? After about 10-15 minutes, moisture seeps from the apple into the caramel causing it to melt off.

    • Try letting the caramel cool a little before dipping them. If the caramel is to hot it will run off.

    • Yep. I tried this also….and for the life of me the caramel just puddled up on the bottom. I let the dip cool and still no results. It looked like a great idea; bite size and all. Darn it.

  2. How far in advanced can you make these without the apples turning brown?

    • Put apple balls in a bowl of cold salt water. This will stop them from turning brown and cool off the caramel when they get dipped.

  3. lol doesnt work at all dont try it

  4. Try soaking the apple bites in Fruit Fresh. It helps the bites from turning brown.

  5. I’ve made these before and the reason why they don’t stick its because the Apple has to much moisture when the skin is off. I seen a recipe with using the butterscotch baking chips that is supposed to work with a peeled apple.

  6. I also tried this, cute idea, but DOES NOT WORK!! Because there is no skin on the apple, the Carmel stay’s wet ant doesn’t harden. Tried several different things and just didn’t work.

  7. Sprinkle the apples lightly with cinnamon. A perfect adhesive for the caramel.

  8. It works if you scoop WITH the peel. Keep the peel part facing up so when you dip it in the Carmel it will stay on the top. No sliding off:)

  9. I just made them , not as attractive, I tower dried then and put the stick on the green part … Roller and roller around , blowed then to cools off and they done

  10. In reference to the caramel not sticking – what if you dip the apples in something like confectioner’s sugar first, or make the caramel really thick? I want to know if anything works, because I really want to make these XD

  11. Here’s what I did… I added 1 Tbs water to the melted caramel and mixed it in well. I dipped my apple ball into melted white candy, let set, then dipped in the caramel!! It worked GREAT!

  12. Depending on your humidity levels the Carmel mixture may have to much moisture add less milk/water and tap dry the apple just before dipping. Apples have different water content, try using a granny smith.

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